[mythtv-users] My analog tuners stopped working!

Vincent Jorrand vjorrand at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 12 12:06:35 UTC 2007

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> From: Bill Omer <bill.omer at gmail.com>
> Today I installed the latest svn.  Everything compiled find.  After I
> configured the backend, I noticed both of my analog tuners were
> displaying nothing but a very snowy kind of picture.  It's not the
> black/white snow that you would expect when the catv has been
> disconnected either.
> I cat'd my /dev/video and /dev/video1, saved the stream to a file and
> mplayer also shows the same thing.   I did a dist-upgrade (ubuntu
> 7.04), which installed the 2.6.20-16 kernel.  After a reboot, the
> /dev/video0 (pvr-150) tuner started to work again.  But my /dev/video1
> (pvr-250) is still not working.
> Does anyone have any ideas I could try?

I experienced something similar a couple of months ago. After some Googling I found something about the PVR-x50 sometimes needing to cool down before a reboot. I tried to wait about a minute between shutdown and reboot and it worked for me. (Sorry I cannot find the original thread on this subject.)


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