[mythtv-users] Free US/Canada Listings

Jarom McDonald jarom_mcdonald at byu.edu
Tue Sep 11 22:26:29 UTC 2007

I think you had him up until this line:
> My agenda is to ASK that people not talk on this list about 'enabling 
> circumvention of technological measures protecting a copyrighted work.'

There are no technological measures being circumvented by
screen-scraping, unless someone has specifically put one in place (such
as requiring a login form, requiring typing in a "captcha," etc.), which
I haven't seen in most sites that provide listings services.

As I mentioned once before, the ToS, as written, can only be interpreted
to mean that any access of the data, even through a web browser, is
prohibited, yet they continue to allow browsers to access it. If they
aren't actively enforcing their own ToS against the "data mining, data
gathering or extraction method" of a web browser, why should they have
the right to enforce it against a different application that uses the
same protocols for extracting the data?

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