[mythtv-users] SD privacy policy concerns

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Sep 11 04:07:03 UTC 2007

Ben Giddings wrote:
> I agree with all of these, in addition, I'd like the "opt-out" bit to  
> be "opt-in":


From a mailing list standpoint (completely separate from anything
relating to the SD Privacy Policy, which I'm not allowed to comment on,
and because I've been dealing with optin/out stuff at my "real" job),
the only technical difference between opt-in and opt-out is the default
state of the user at the point the information is entered into the
database (be it after signing up for an account somewhere, or an email
address harvested off of a website).

Since (aside from the caveat mentioned in the link above) you can't
create an account at Schedules Direct without being at least
peripherally aware of the "sign me up" checkboxes, it's a moot point.
We're not harvesting people's email addresses and adding them to secret
lists that they would have to "opt out" of, only to discover that the
opt-out form actually adds them to 1000 new lists, all requiring an
opt-out form that actually...

And just an fyi, the db fields for the SD mailing lists are "optin_*"
with a default state of zero (off).


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