[mythtv-users] Why not MythArchive on Frontend only?

Ken Scales kscales at xplornet.com
Tue Sep 11 01:00:08 UTC 2007

Eric Robinson wrote:
> Certainly a bit of transcoding has to occur.  Why not have the backend
> do the transcoding/ISO preparation and then ship it off to the Frontend
> for burning?
That's pretty much how I've been doing things lately...  have the 
backend do the transcoding and dvd authoring, and then burn from my desktop.

Mytharchive creates the DVD image in "<workspace>/work/dvd" where 
"workspace" is an area you configure for mytharchive.  (Sorry, rusty on 
details, but it's part of setting up Mytharchive.)

My Knoppmyth FE/BE system is set up to export this directory (actually a 
couple of levels up in the heirarchy, because I have some other 
directories I share within my local LAN).  My desktop (Ubuntu Fiesty 
Fawn) mounts this filesystem as "/mnt/myth-SATA/".

I run Mytharchive on the BE to just create the DVD filestructure -- not 
the .iso.

 From my desktop, I then use VLC to preview the authored DVD before 
burning it.  Script in /usr/local/bin/previewdvd (chmod 755):



    vlc $DVDDIR/dvd

If the playback looks like what I want, I then burn it to DVD, also from 
the desktop.  Script in /usr/local/bin/burnmytharchive (chmod 755):


    cd /mnt/myth-SATA/MYTHARCHIVE

    nice -n10 growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvdrw -dvd-video ./dvd/

    eject /dev/dvdrw

    echo ""
    echo "Image has been burned to DVD."
    echo ""

Note that I let growisofs do the .iso formatting, as it reduces the 
runtime of Mytharchive.  (Yeah, I know -- the above scripts could use 
some tidying up and error checking.  Maybe later...)  Since the Mac is 
also a Unix-alike, something similar should be possible there.  And if 
you don't like the command-line, it would be quite easy to make a clicky 
applet to invoke the above scripts.

I really find Mytharchive useful (actually, mythburn.py, as I always use 
it directly from a ssh login from my desktop).  Thanks, Paul H!


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