[mythtv-users] Small wireless keyboard with integrated mouse (touchpad, stick, trackball, ...)

David Segall davidsegall.net dsegall at bigpond.net.au
Mon Sep 10 17:56:13 UTC 2007

---- nospam312 <nospam312 at gmail.com> wrote: 
> > Seems nice but it's infrared :(
> Thats why I said it probably isn't what is needed but thought worth
> still posting anyway just in case IR was acceptable for the smaller
> size keyboard.
> It is also not clear if it would work in Linux anyway.
I don't know if it works with Linux but I am reasonably confident that it needs an operating system. Every MythTV user occasionally needs a keyboard that can change  the BIOS settings and I don't know any IR keyboards that can do that. In contrast, I don't know any RF keyboard that can't.

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