[mythtv-users] linux updates suck

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Mon Sep 10 17:08:57 UTC 2007

On Sep 8, 2007, at 6:27 PM, Brian Wood wrote:
> IMHO the real problem is that the Linux kernel itself has become  
> such a
> moving target that it is hard for groups like LIRC/IVTV to keep up  
> with
> the efforts of Linus and Co. to "not be bored".

Personally, I really feel like dropping the alternating stable/ 
unstable kernel release pattern was a bad idea.  I would have rather  
had a stable 2.6 and then a 2.7 tree for the new stuff.  It took a  
good dozen releases for 2.6 to really become stable enough for day to  
day use.

That said, current 2.6 kernels really blow 2.4 out of the water when  
it comes to memory management.  My 2.4 systems suffer from allocation  
failures caused by memory fragmentation, and have to be rebooted  
every few weeks as a result; I've never seen that in 2.6.

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