[mythtv-users] Frontend powering up, all by itself?

Bruce Smith blubdog at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 15:15:51 UTC 2007

I recently upgraded my FC4/18.1 Myth system to MythDora (fresh
install, and then manually copying over my old database and
recordings, letting the backup upgrade MySQL when it first started),
and then upgraded to 20.2 via yum for Schedules Direct.

Everything went fairly smooth, only minor problems with nvidia
drivers, that I figured out.  Special thanks to the MythDora and
ScheduleDirect creators!  And of course a big thanks to the Myth
developers!  I like the new features in the latest version!

One quick question, the last few evenings I noticed my standalone
frontend box (separate from my main backend/frontend box) seems to be
powering itself on all by itself the last few evenings.  I normally
leave the frontend-only box powered off, unless I'm using it to watch
something on Myth.  At first I thought someone else in my house had
powered it on, until yesterday when I was the only one home and
noticed it was running (it was turned off earlier that day).  Is this
a new setting somewhere in Myth? (where?)  Does the backend send out a
WOL or something?  If so, where can I turn this off??? I've looked
though most of the settings screens and didn't find anything.

 - BS

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