[mythtv-users] Need Help with HDHomerun

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Sep 10 05:19:23 UTC 2007

Nedim Cholich wrote:
> On 9/9/07, Mailing Lists <mlists at dressler.ca> wrote:
>> On Sun, 2007-09-09 at 08:43 -0600, Brian Wood wrote:
>>> mlists wrote:
>>>> Should I be able to get the regular NTSC channels as well (2 to 83)?
>>> No. The HDHR is not an NTSC analog tuner, just an ATSC/QAM tuner.
>>> beww
>> Ok, good to know -- I'll throw my analog card back into one of the
>> backends then.
> True, but some providers (like mine) has all the analog channels on QAM as
> well. For example I can get SciFi on 71 analog, but also on 88#9 digital
> where picture is much cleaner.

Lucky man. Sounds like your cableco is getting ready for the switch-over 
and might voluntarily cease using analog transmission. Then again, it 
might just be testing its transmission structure and cabling to see that 
it can do an all-digital setup, in preparation for dropping analog, 
blaming the FCC and offering you a digital set-top-box for the now 
encrypted digital channels it transmits. All for a 'new low price' which 
  of course will be higher than you presently pay...

Except for the bit about blaming the FCC, that's what I think my local 
monopoly (Rogers) is doing.

Legally, there is no requirement that cableco's stop using analog 
transmission after the digital broadcast changeover. Of course, most 
will not want to bother running 2 different systems and being 
responsible for digital-analog conversion....So all-digital will 
eventually be the norm whether SD or HD. Killer question is how much 
will be encrypted and how much do you have to pay and whether you can 
record the stream. At least the FCC requires Firewire output on STB's. I 
doubt the CRTC Commissioners even know what an STB *is*.


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