[mythtv-users] Need Help with HDHomerun

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Sun Sep 9 15:05:03 UTC 2007

> Thanks for all the responses.  I was using windows before this and was
> able to see a bunch of un-encrypted channels video and audio so I know
> its working from that aspect and its just a matter of getting mythtv to
> work now I guess.
> Should I be able to get the regular NTSC channels as well (2 to 83)? 
> I'll try to adjust the time out and see if that works.  

I doubled the timeout defaults and now I'm seeing channels in the scan.
That's a good sign!

I followed the directions from one of the web sites and ran a
mythfilldatabase --do_channel_updates and it gave most of my channels
call signs like cnnh, etc.  But when I try to tune them it doesn't tune?
Many show a high signal, some don't lock, while others show a L for lock
and a small a.  When that happens I see stuff like this:
Program Association Table
 PSIP tableID(0x0) length(45) extension(0x8c8)
      version(19) current(1) section(0) last_section(0)
         tsid: 2248
 programCount: 9
  program number 0 has PID 0x1ffc   data  0x 0 0x 0 0xff 0xfc
  program number 3601 has PID 0x  47   data  0x e 0x11 0xe0 0x47
  program number 3603 has PID 0x  57   data  0x e 0x13 0xe0 0x57
  program number 3604 has PID 0x  67   data  0x e 0x14 0xe0 0x67
  program number 3602 has PID 0x  77   data  0x e 0x12 0xe0 0x77
  program number 3609 has PID 0x  87   data  0x e 0x19 0xe0 0x87
  program number 3607 has PID 0x  97   data  0x e 0x17 0xe0 0x97
  program number 2 has PID 0x  a7   data  0x 0 0x 2 0xe0 0xa7
  program number 3606 has PID 0x  b7   data  0x e 0x16 0xe0 0xb7

2007-09-09 11:02:36.576 ProcessPAT: Program not found in PAT. 
                        Rescan your transports.
2007-09-09 11:02:36.576 Desired program #22 not found in PAT.
                        Can Not create single program PAT.
2007-09-09 11:02:39.717 TVRec(19): Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None
2007-09-09 11:02:40.689 Finished recording Unknown: channel 28942

Sounds like I'm getting closer.  Any further suggestions?


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