[mythtv-users] Need Help with HDHomerun

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Sep 10 00:29:25 UTC 2007

Mailing Lists wrote:
> Ok, I have a setup that's at least scanning and finding channels on the
> HDR, but it only finds one channel unencrypted.
> Some places say scan, others say don't.  I try scanning -- using
> us-cable, unencrypted only, qam-256 (and tried qam-64). 
> Shouldn't I be able to get the 70 regular cable channels that I have?
> What exactly can I expect -- I'm using Rogers in Ottawa as my source.

Unfortunately, getting one unencrypted channel is probably about right. 
In mid-July, Rogers (in Toronto at least) changed all the previously 
unencrypted qam256 digital channels, to encrypted...meaning set-top-box 
only. And the Rogers website no longer even *offers* analog cable packages!

The '70 regular cable channels' are analog channels. You can tune those 
with a PVR150/500 etc. The HDHR is digital only.

With luck you should see more than just one channel. In my experience 
there should be about 2 to 5 unencrypted digital channels available at 
any time. Rogers has at least one 'promo' channel, if not 2, and you 
might luck into seeing what one of your neighbours is watching on 
PayPerView or somesuch.

As a result of the change, I now have a ChannelMaster 4228 mounted in 
the attic for digital OTA! Luckily, I have a clear shot towards Buffalo 
but the CN Tower is almost 80 degrees to that line so CBC,City and CTV 
are actually very weak. I need a smaller antenna set on that angle I think.


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