[mythtv-users] Apple X11 or XDarwin?

Eric Robinson ryunokokoro at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 13:48:59 UTC 2007

Resubmitted as Plaintext.

I've decided upon a Linux backend with Mac Mini Frontends for my home
network.  I've scanned the docs on the wiki and have found no mention
whatsoever of compatibility (or lack thereof) with Apple's own X11
implementation.  And therein lies my question:

Is XDarwin necessary for OSX or can you simply use the Apple provided

X11.app would /seriously/ simplify the installation process as you can
ask OSX to install it right off the disk and get updates directly from

Also, and this is admittedly off-topic, I'm making an HD-capable MythTV
setup.  I read in another message that the 1.83Ghz version of the Mac
Mini should be fine for 1080p playback.  What's the recommended amount
of RAM?  It comes with 1GB.  Is 2GB a better choice or does 1GB suffice?



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