[mythtv-users] KnoppMyth R5F27

Cecil Watson cwatson at linkline.com
Sun Sep 9 23:34:22 UTC 2007

I'm happy to announce the of R5F27. R5F27 includes the latest 
MythTV-fixes which is need for Schedule Direct, in addition to several 
other improves you've come to expect from KnoppMyth:

Latest DVB, Ivtv and V4L2 modules. If you have a newer DVB card, all you 
may need is the latest firmware.

Updated rrd_MBfan.pl to match modern configuration conventions.
Updated rrd_MBtemp.pl to ignore impossible readings.
Updated rrd_UPS.pl to support APC UPS with USB connection.
Updated rrd.config to support new rrd_UPS.pl

Added setup_apcupsd.sh - Detect an APC UPS (USB only) and configure the 
daemon appropriately. This allows it to work with the new rrd_UPS.pl 
monitoring script.

/usr/local/bin/vfd_install.sh - Detects and configures an iMON VFD (not 
the LCD).

Merged R5F1 live patches
disabled hd-5500 analog mode until driver works
added more default video types
removed obsolete nVidia driver exception entry

Edits to KnoppMyth-run:
added guided zap2it phaseout process
stop Apache until user secures it
fixed recursive directory links
only ask timezone if not provided at install time
cleaned up and sped up server start and stop
removed obsolete mythtv-setup relaunch

Edits to KnoppMyth-auto:
fixed timezone persistence

fixed CD eject

screenshooter.sh (w/ TJC and Sarah Hayes)
All used to auto-generate screenshots/thumbnails for videos in MythVideo

now restores timezone and mplayer configuration file

Both overhauled to work with newer nVidia drivers
and support new versions more easily.

updated to work with latest Xine

fixed apt cache problem
fix font anti-aliasing settings for Upgrades

migration from zap2it to SD

pause_comflag.sh - Checks the mythfrontend cpu usage and if it is above 
a certain threshold it will pause the mythcommflag process. If the cpu 
usage is below the threshold it will continue mythcommflag

See the site for further details and complete changelog.  Much thanks to 
all those have have contributed code, time, blood, sweat and tears.


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