[mythtv-users] Mythdora Boots with a Blue Screen

Jonathan Seawright jonathanathome at verizon.net
Sun Sep 9 22:09:22 UTC 2007

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Jonathan Seawright wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I built a mythdora machine a few months ago... it has been working
> utterly flawlessly for the past month or two. I had it folding proteins
> on folding at home <mailto:folding at home>, acting as a music server,
> recording HD, etc...
> I returned to it today to find that it is at a screen with well... a
> blue background... I have a mouse, but I dont see any gnome interfaces
> whatsoever.... I couldn't have been hacked could I?
> What is the best route for troubleshooting this? I took a look at the
> logs in /var/mail/ and nothing major showed up.... Just the usual mythtv
> stuff.

>Uh, the obvious?

>Tried re-booting?

Yes, and I made some progress. (detailed at the bottom)

>I'm not sure I'd run folding at home (or work, or school) on a Myth box.
>I'd eliminate the possibility that was the cause of your problems and
>not Myth.

Why's that? Simply because it is a TV recorder and probably doesn't need the 
added overhead? Just curious.

> Do you get the blue screen in text mode while booting? (eliminating
> possible monitor/ video card problems).

I didn't try that, but this problem is very clear now that it is X oriented 
(or gdm..)

>How did yo look at the logs? Remote login? What does it show as far as
>status of your X system?

SSH, I couldln't tell as to a problem with X...
I looked at the logs by using nano in my terminal...

>Do non-Myth programs rn OK? Does your desktop look OK ?

Yes, I had no desktop whatsoever.. just a mouse...

Anyway, I seem to have fixed it by rebooting, and after the blue screen w/ 
mouse appeared, I started gdm from my SSH terminal. Bam! Gnome starts up and 
then mythTV as well.

I get the feeling that the script that is supposed to start up gdm isn't 
working; it may have gotten corrupted due to several consectutive power 
outages during the week.
So, starting gdm fixed it.

My next step is to figure out what broke...

Jonathan Seawright

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