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raptor jr raptorjr at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 9 20:28:46 UTC 2007

>> 1. Even though i have selected the dvd speed to be 2, the dvd is 
>> spinning at full speed. 
>Currently MythArchive doesn't set the burn speed it just allows 
>growisofs to use whatever speed it thinks is best. Adding an option to 
>choose the burn speed is something that will be added at some point.

Sorry for being unclear. It is when i tried to play the newly burned dvd
mythtv didn't change the dvd speed. Full speed even though i have selected
2 in the settings. I was not talking about when the dvd was burned.

>> 2. The dvd have no sound, and when i press the voulme button the osd 
>> doesnt show. If i play the dvd in VLC i have sound. The sound works 
>> perfect in LiveTV and videos. 
>Are you using the 'Internal' player? I know that the internal player 
>sometimes has problems selecting the right audio stream if you have 
>chosen to not encode all streams to AC3 in MythArchive. When this 
>happens you can use the OSD to change the audio stream. I think xine is 
>a little smarter at selecting which stream to use or you could try 
>setting MythArchive to always encode the audio streams to AC3 to keep 
>the internal player happy. 

Yes i am using the internal player. And i thought that there was a option in the OSD menu
to change the audio stream. But there wasn't such an option.
I only have one sound stream, but could select AC3 the next time.

>> 3. Maybe i have missed som setting, but i selected to burn the dvd 
>> immediately and still, the files that was produced by mytharchive is 
>> still on my harddrive. Is there some cleanup setting so they are 
>> removed automatically? Or do i need to remove them manually every time? 
>There is no need to remove them manually they are cleared when a new job 
>is started. They are left behind to help with debugging if something 
>goes wrong while creating a DVD. 

Yes, the logs could be saved. But for me 4-5 Gb of space is maybe not much,
but since i dont use mytharchive very much, it is a waste of disk space if the
burn was ok. But i can remove them manually.
But if i can make a suggestion it would be nice to have a setting to remove
the files if the burn was successful.
Thank you for your answer.


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