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Sat Sep 8 06:46:07 UTC 2007

kijuhty kijuhty wrote:
> Which non-myth users?  I've heard that said many times, but nobody's
> ever said *what* non-myth software was using dd.

One just has to take a look at the list of approved SD software:


If you want the list of the ones who *ABUSED* the Zap2it Labs free
listings, you'll have to get that from TMS.  However, they're not
releasing that list (although there were many references in their
forums, back when they were live), presumably because they don't want to
hurt payment negotiations.

> So, when Tribune threated to "terminate" DD, it the community
> responded "ok, we'll go back to scraping because we won't pay", then
> Tribune would have had to go back to giving DD for free, because they
> already know it's cheaper to do that than to deal with the scrapers.

You left out the part about commercial software companies using Z2L free
data.  I'm pretty sure that TMS felt that there was a LOT of lost
revenue in there.  Users of MythTV (and GB-PVR, Freevo, MacProgramGuide
and a dozen other apps) just happened to be caught out in the cold.


Do you think anyone at SD *wanted* to start a company, deal with paying
taxes, and take hours and hours of time away from working on developing
projects like MythTV?   I know that personally, the 40-80 hours (or
more) I've spent working on schedulesdirect.org could have easily been
spent closing some of the several dozen open MythWeb tickets, spending
time with my wife or working in my yard (not to mention working on some
PAYING projects).  If I'm going to do dev work for free, I prefer that
it be for something that I *really* enjoy, not just something that I
know has to get done (it's the difference between work and play).  I'm
not saying that we're not glad that we put in the effort on this (and
for the record, we're extremely grateful for the tremendous number of
understanding/thankful users out there), but that if there was any other
LEGAL option, we would have taken it.


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