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Bill Williamson bill at bbqninja.com
Fri Sep 7 05:40:36 UTC 2007

On 9/7/07, kijuhty kijuhty <kijuhty at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> due to NON-MYTH users using the data for commercial purposes.
> Which non-myth users?  I've heard that said many times, but nobody's ever
> said *what* non-myth software was using dd.
> Try to think about this like a rational adult.  Tribune did *NOT* start DD
> because they were charitable and wanted to help the foss community.  They
> started DD because it was costing them more money to deal with scrapers than
> to just give the data for free.  That is even more true now since the Myth
> community is bigger now than it was 5 years ago.  If it was cheaper to deal
> with scrapers than to give DD for free, they wouldn't have created DD.  So,
> when Tribune threated to "terminate" DD, it the community responded "ok,
> we'll go back to scraping because we won't pay", then Tribune would have had
> to go back to giving DD for free, because they already know it's cheaper to
> do that than to deal with the scrapers.

You do know that mythtv is not the only PVR software around, right?
And you also know that people were selling preconfigured/managed myth boxes
ALL using generated/centrally managed DD accounts, right?

Tribune would have done the same that yahoo7 did here in Australia and move
to an almost-impossible-to-parse output if people had continued scraping,
and will do so if people scrape in the future.  The easiest thing they could
do is to generate images for the listings.
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