[mythtv-users] Problem tuning one channel, rest work.

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Sat Sep 8 05:01:25 UTC 2007

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Three!? ... What are the odds?  I thought I'd be surrounded by potato
farmers living here.

Henry, I saw your post to the HDTV discussion board and I joined and was
about to respond when I realized that I have nothing important to add.  I
don't really know what PSIP is, care to extrapolate?  Or maybe I'll poke
around on google to learn about it.  It sounds like they did something that
screwed us up.  Something I noticed, was that the on the forum webpage where
it lists all the "local stations" it shows each of the stations as a
separate forum.  The subtitle for each forum explains which DTV channel each
station is in.  It says:

FOX Channel 12 DTV Channel 44

All the other station DTV channels are correct.  I just tried using
dtvsignal on channel 44 and got nothing.  This probably has nothing to do
with our issue, I just thought it interesting.



The ch 44 thing is just a bit of history - it was the original allocation
for KTRV's DT channel from the FCC about 4 years ago, but KTRV petitioned
for and got their DT channel moved adjacent to ch 12 before they started
actually broadcasting DTV because it would save them money on transmission
equipment. There's no local station on 13 so I'm not sure how they got
handed 44 in the first place. Adjacent channels can use the same antenna to
transmit instead of two completely different ones needed for 12 and 44.

So anyway, you shouldn't expect to see anything on 44. The website is a
little behind the times on that particular page.

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