[mythtv-users] Problem tuning one channel, rest work.

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> > Hey, another Boise MythTV user!
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> > Another Bosie Mythtv-er :)  Same problem with 12.1!
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Three!? ... What are the odds?  I thought I'd be surrounded by potato
farmers living here.

Henry, I saw your post to the HDTV discussion board and I joined and was
about to respond when I realized that I have nothing important to add.  I
don't really know what PSIP is, care to extrapolate?  Or maybe I'll poke
around on google to learn about it.  It sounds like they did something that
screwed us up.  Something I noticed, was that the on the forum webpage where
it lists all the "local stations" it shows each of the stations as a
separate forum.  The subtitle for each forum explains which DTV channel each
station is in.  It says:

FOX Channel 12 DTV Channel 44

All the other station DTV channels are correct.  I just tried using
dtvsignal on channel 44 and got nothing.  This probably has nothing to do
with our issue, I just thought it interesting.

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