[mythtv-users] Problem tuning one channel, rest work.

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Fri Sep 7 18:47:30 UTC 2007

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So, I recently started having a problem with tuning FOX on my myth machine
(FOX12, channel 13, 213MHz).  I'm using OTA DVB, and have been for a few
years now it has always worked.  About a week ago, I updated to SVN 14374
and noticed recordings we're being dropped, upon inspection I found that I
can no longer tune to FOX.  I tried using mythtv-setup to re-detect
(transport scan) channel 13 but it won't find it either.  I can use
'azap -r' and mplayer and it plays the station perfectly.  I've tried using
F7 in the live tv to get the signal strength and it says 28% but I don't
think it's working right.  When I use dtvsignal I see FOX signal strength
around 63%, I have other channels that have even less signal strength but
don't have issues recording with myth so I think it's some configuration

I ran the backend with -v record and when it's attempting to tune to FOX I
see these messages:

2007-09-07 11:47:28.183 Could not find channel 12_1 in TVCT
2007-09-07 11:47:28.183
VCT Terra: channels(0) tsid(0x3cf) seclength(13)

2007-09-07 11:47:28.562 Could not find channel 12_1 in TVCT
2007-09-07 11:47:28.562
VCT Terra: channels(0) tsid(0x3cf) seclength(13)

2007-09-07 11:47:28.889 Could not find channel 12_1 in TVCT
2007-09-07 11:47: 28.889
VCT Terra: channels(0) tsid(0x3cf) seclength(13)

Here is my channel database info:
Any ideas?



Hey, another Boise MythTV user!

I have also seen this, but heard nothing back so far from my post on
Tuesday: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/287333

It's somewhat known to KTRV, and they claimed to do a "reload PSIP data" but
my mythbox still doesn't work:
At least we're not alone, other ATSC viewers in the valley are affected...

The good news, speaking of hum bars, is that I did discover while in the
troubleshooting rabbit-hole that the cordless phone charger in the TV room
was killing my ch 12 and 13 reception (wonky cap in the xformer?), so by
moving that and NOT rescanning with the HDTivo (since it ignores PSIP when
not scanning) I can at least timeshift KTRV-DT *somewhere* and not be forced
back to medieval times.

Is there a way to have mythtv do something similar and "ignore" PSIP data
for one channel/all channels? What's that you say, my patch is eagerly
anticipated? I'm not as motivated as if I didn't have the HDTivo to fall
back on - and boy do I feel really smart for building my mythbox "with
better tuners" in the first place because of "poor HDTivo KTRV-DT reception"
actually caused by the silly phone charger!

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