[mythtv-users] Building new system - Mythdora, Fedora with apt-get, or compile manually?

Taco Mel taco_mel at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 7 18:01:48 UTC 2007

To over-simplify things, you will need to make a
choice between simplicity and flexibility.

If you want something that works out-of-the-box then
go with MythDora.  That's what I did when I was first
getting into this, because I wanted to see my TV tuner
card "just work".  You become somewhat limited then in
that you are using an OS that almost by definition is
trailing behind the latest development (since it's a
derivative of Fedora you're assured it will be updated
after Fedora if at all).

If you see yourself needing to customize, then you'll
probably want to go with Fedora.  This was the second
step in my personal evolution, inspired by the fact
that the MythDora installer was crapping out on me
when I tried to customize certain installation
options.  (I subsequently had the same issue with the
CentOS 5 installer.)  I then decided to start using
SVN and started out with Axel's RPMs.

Needing some patches (specifically the workaround for
LiveTV hanging at the end of shows) I then moved into
compiling.  I started out with the spec files in the
wiki, customized and fixed a few things to build RPMs.
The next step of the evolution was to have it do a
"svn update" each day and build new RPMs for me each
night, dropping them into a yum repository.

Still, I am not entirely satisfied with this setup,
and my next intention is to move everything from
Fedora to CentOS 5, because I want stability in the
OS.  So I am currently getting all of the dependencies
installed/compiled for CentOS 5, so I can build there.
Once I've reinstalled my boxes with CentOS 5 and put
on my homebrew myth RPMs, I'll have to think of some
other way to spend my time.

So, while I did not give you an answer, I hope that I
helped in some way to frame your question.  Good luck.

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