[mythtv-users] OT: yum vs. apt-get

Mike LaPlante mike at dividia.net
Fri Sep 7 17:14:22 UTC 2007

David Brodbeck wrote:
> The choice of packages in RHEL is still
> rather limited, though -- for example, nut-client isn't in there, so  
> I had to grab a Fedora RPM to interface to my UPS.
EPEL should help minimize that.

Plus, ATrpms, Dag and other repos have RHEL packages.

My myth systems are currently F7, but I've decided in a year or so when 
F9 hits (thus rendering F7 obsolete) I'm going to do some much needed 
hardware upgrades to my backend and re-install with CentOS. Hopefully by 
that time MythTV 0.21 will be stable and I will stick with it and get 
off the SVN trunk, then many long years of stable Myth with no random 
update package breaking something..... or maybe its all a pipe dream.   ;-)


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