[mythtv-users] Newbie - Problem w/ Hauppage TV card

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Fri Sep 7 15:28:30 UTC 2007

Mitch Gore wrote:
> Upgrade to a newer distro.  Fedora and Ubuntu are popular.  I would even 
> suggest MythDora.  It has all drivers, etc for an entire myth system put 
> into the system installer.  It will whipe that 98 install, do you really 
> need it? 
> With fedora ivtv is as simple as intstalling the ATRPMS's repo and then -
> yum install ivtv
> yum isntall ivtv-firmware
> depmod -a
> modprobe ivtv
> And now it works.
> I dont know much about Mandriva, just letting you know there are alot 
> easier distro out there.

If you want to stick with Mandriva, ISTR that 2005 doesn't have the ivtv support 
built in. What *should* happen is this. You go to "Configure Your Computer", 
Hardware, TV card. It should detect your card and ask you for the install disk 
so it can load ivtv. Or you can use the Software, Add New Packages function. 
Search for ivtv.

Problem is, I suspect your distro is old enough the online support has 
disappeared. If you *really* want to stay with Mandriva, find a magazine with it 
on the cover and do a *fresh* install - an upgrade will b0rk it like you 
wouldn't believe[1]. All code for your card is in the kernel, works out the box. 
Current version is 2007.1 otherwise known as 2007 spring[2]. Or if you have the 
bandwidth and the patience, download an iso - I had to do that for my 64-bit 

Mike Perkins

[1] Don't nuke your hard disk, use custom install. That way you get to choose 
which partitions get formatted, and thus you can keep your existing /home 
directorywith all your prefs and docs. You did create your /home directory as a 
separate partition, right?

[2] 2008 will be out shortly.

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