[mythtv-users] Newbie - Problem w/ Hauppage TV card

Vaughn Treude vltreude at deru.com
Fri Sep 7 07:52:01 UTC 2007

Hello everyone,
I'm new to the group - haven't gotten into Myth TV yet.  At present I'm 
still struggling with my TV card.

Here's the background - I had a Hauppage TV card (which I used for video
capture) running fine under Mandrake 10.  Then the system's motherboard
died, taking the Hauppage card with it.  I recreated the system on a new
mobo, installing Mandrake 2005 (mainly because I had a set of those CD's
laying around.)  So I got everything reinstalled and working on that.  I
just needed a new TV card.  I recently purchased a Hauppage PVR-150, and
although the system detects its presence, the card won't work.  I've
downloaded IVTV drivers for my kernel (the old 0.49 versions for 2.6.11)
and those load without error, but will not talk to the card.

All of the "how to" instructions I've found so far say you should test
by doing a "cat" from /dev/video0.  The problem is that on my system
this device doesn't exist.  One of the "how to" documents said you could
create the /dev/video* devices manually, which I tried, but they were
gone after reboot.  So I imagine that udev (if I understand its purpose
correctly) isn't seeing the card.  Do you think this might indicate that
the Hauppage might be bad?

Another bit of info: this is a dual-boot system, with Windows 98 on the
other partition.  I tested the previous TV card first under Windows, and
it worked right away.  But the drivers that came with the PVR-150 are
for XP, so although Windows detected and identified the card correctly,
the drivers wouldn't install.  After some searching, I downloaded a
driver that might _possibly_ be right for the PVR-150 (it was supposed
to support all cards with its particular chipset), but they didn't work
either.  When I try to start WinTV 2000 it says it can't find some sort
of filter device.  That could mean the card's bad, I suppose, or it
could just be the wrong driver.

I'm thinking I may be missing some video components on Linux, since it
doesn't create /dev/video* and I haven't tried a TV card before on this
install.  But it doesn't seem likely, as I've downloaded and installed
the many, many video-related packages and managed to get Xine working 
and playing DVDs.  So I'd think Mandrake should detect and configure the 
card without any trouble, so maybe it _is_ bad.  But I'm still hopeful 
that I won't have to return the thing.  Any suggestions of video-type 
packages that I might have missed?  (I suppose I could try upgrading to 
kernel 2.6.18 as the IVTV docs suggested, so I can get more recent 
drivers, but I think my problem is more fundamental than that.)


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