[mythtv-users] Import and Export of Program Listing Data

Rick ve1gn at nb.sympatico.ca
Thu Sep 6 23:20:18 UTC 2007

Robert Current wrote:
>> True, but then also, it is highly unlikely
>> that Person A, B, and C will each find a 1/3
>> portion of a complete schedule for each of
>> them and then somehow coordinate to share
>> those pieces with each other.
> Kevin, if that's your criteria for use, and you're unwilling to see if
> data source match yourself, why are you responding?  I'm seriously
> thinking this is mis-directing FUD, but trying to be polite.
So if no one is allowed to disagree with you  or point out 
faults/problems what is the point of this discussion in the first 
place?  Do you just want a series of emails agreeing with everything you 
say? Well here you go......yes......now go and code away to your hearts 
content and come back when you are done.  


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