[mythtv-users] Import and Export of Program Listing Data

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 22:09:33 UTC 2007

> True, but then also, it is highly unlikely
> that Person A, B, and C will each find a 1/3
> portion of a complete schedule for each of
> them and then somehow coordinate to share
> those pieces with each other.

Kevin, if that's your criteria for use, and you're unwilling to see if
data source match yourself, why are you responding?  I'm seriously
thinking this is mis-directing FUD, but trying to be polite.

I think others have already shown complete and full lineups for
listing data, in excess.  And, if your local broadcasts in Australia
aren't covered by Shepard, or if your in the USA and EIT data and the
DirecTV or DishNetork full listing data (2 sources) don't cover a
complete lineup, or if the SkyTV lineup with supplemental info from
IMDB doesn't provide a full enough listing for you… I would be
surprised by lack of coverage in available data, but, you do have the
option to pay a provider for the data.

I'm positive those sources are outside the coding effort to import and
export from mythconverg, and that topic is done to death.  The
original idea came from the question if there was other data (assuming
there is), can it be easily used or shared in MythTV?

The answer to if the data can be used right now seems to be no.

But can it be used?  Probably.  Not without at a little effort and
probably new code.

Should it be?  Up to each individual, and the legality involves the
data source itself, not how MythTV works.

Will it be?  Well, not without a new mechanism...  and that's were I
was focusing my thoughts.. what would the mechanism required be?

This discussion in hope to help those who want an alternative, or
don't have an alternate provider.  It's clear to me Kevin, you do seem
to have an alternative.  Your attempting to poke holes in a proposed
model, someone might want or need.  You have no want or need, so why
the motivation to poke holes in the model?  Devils advocate sure, but
we already have seen no lack of those...

As for the developer comment, I've said clearly already, even I am
unwilling to start a single line of code until I see how it might
apply to the widest audience (which looking more international by the
second), and I advise no one works on it until at least a couple
people agree the coding might be workable, and useful.

Clearly, it's not useful for you, so I have to question your
motivation in poking holes in it.  But, to be clear, it's a rhetorical
question, not something I'd really like to discuss.  If you have
holes, can you propose ways to fill them for people who don't have the
data resources you have?

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