[mythtv-users] tv guide line-up free

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 04:40:57 UTC 2007

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
> > Why would you want to continue discussing them with me?  Addressing me
> > specifically to tell me how great they are?  WHY?  Don't you have
> > something better to do?
> This is the second post I've written on this thread.
> How many have you written?

Dewey, I'm betting I've written a lot more than you have read.  If you
read even half, you'd probably realize that defending Schedules Direct
was going to do nothing but create more noise, contribute no new
knowledge to the conversation, and it would annoy.

So, are you just trolling?  Or is there new news about Schedules
Direct you have?  If so, why is that in a thread about alternatives?

Seems like your trolling to me.

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