[mythtv-users] tv guide line-up free

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 04:23:11 UTC 2007

David Shay wrote:
> No accusations here, but I think this entire thing is missing the context
> that started this.  And since *I* started this sequence that you are now
> quoting, the piece missing is the context that these limitations would be
> present if you *ONLY* had something similar to the TitanTV remote scheduling
> service like the one currently implemented in GBPVR.
> Sure, once you take it out of that context, then make some other assumptions
> that the only possible source of data is Schedules Direct, all sorts of
> invalid conclusions can be drawn.  I even clarified this separation between
> the remote scheduling service of TitanTV and using TitanTV as an XML
> listings source in a later post, which seems to have gone ignored.

I'm not accusing you David.  I'm just saying that was the FULL context
of the message.  If you look at my reply to it, it was to clarify the
context, and show that the remote scheduling from TitanTV's website
couldn't possibly decrease functionality of MythTV.  And that
Schedules Direct was a data service, recurring recording happened in
MythTV, nothing to do with Schedules Direct.

But someone that would have happened to read that ONE message would
have not understood it in context.  The noise level on the topic was
so high, that I doubt many (if any) people read all o the posts.  So,
if that one post was read, it's likely read out of context.

David, your not saying anything untrue intentionally.  I'm just
disturbed by how quickly and easily the topic turns to Schedules
Direct.  Then the noise level goes through the roof.  Then most of the
people who seem to be "users" would likely see it is "why are people
attacking these good guys."

None of that is the case.  It seems quite the opposite to me…  When
data sources come up, Schedules Direct gets defended by people before
anyone accused it of anything, sometimes before it's Schedules Direct
is even mentioned.  And I'm left asking "why are people attacking any
ideas that might lead to alternatives to Schedules Direct?"

Honestly, I've given up on data source.  They won't let the
conversation happen.  The answer might be in distribution.  The more
solid, stable, flexible, and easy to use Import and Export of listing
data is from within MythTV, the easier it is to find a workable
solution for everyone, in other countries, for other data sources,
etc…  Hope that can stay on topic.

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