[mythtv-users] Import and Export of Program Listing Data

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 03:02:04 UTC 2007

> Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net

> They can assist with the proper data formatting of the grabber.  Nothing
> about the grabber development really has anything to do with MythTV directly
> since MythTV only requires that the data be XMLTV compliant.  All the hard
> work from the import side is done already.
> The parts that aren't done are the EXPORT from a filled database to an

But it looks like most grabbers are done?  Why write a new one for any
specific data source?  I don't see the point.  I mean, if you or
anyone else wants to do it, sure.  I won't say it's a bad idea, just
personally for me, if I'm going to code parts, a grabber from HTML
isn't really anything new or interesting to me.

I just don't see getting data as part of the MythTV specific solution,
at least the way I'm looking at it.

> Honestly, I don't see why most people would care at all about exporting and
> peer sharing of data.  The process of downloading the data is easy enough
> for most people to do directly so why bother adding the complexity?  And you
> just might be opening up a grabber for violating terms by redistributing the
> data.

Any grabber is going to have that legal uncertainty problem.  That's
probably another reason I'm not thrilled with working on a grabber.
Legalities of grabbing data.

However, there are ways to code parts that are "non-specific data
source" parts of it have no direct connection to the legal issues.  It
may not be perfect, but at least it's taking ONE step back from the
legal questions.

Also, I'm not convinced grabbing the data IS the easy part.
Especially after glancing at all the hoops the Sheppard project is
doing, I lost the URL, someone got it?

But import/export of the data could be used by any project.  And, it
seems to be part way done in the script and command line level.  I'm
thinking there might be enough bits for me to hack something together
that might work.  It has no slick GUI, not sure I could help with

> None of that is necessary.  You need:
> 1.  Directly download guide data either already in XMLTV or in another
> format (doesn't matter to Myth how you download it)
> 2.  (optionally) Parse data into XMLTV format (again, doesn't matter to
> Myth)
> 3.  Run mythfilldatabase to import file (already existing for you to use)
> Done.
> Kevin

Yea, that would work, and it's similar goals.  At least step 3 is
identical.  The import is done, GUI would be nice, but it's done.

The grabber, I'm not convinced another one is needed… But ok.  I'd
just think grabbers have been done, mythconverg to xmltv export
hasn't, I might be able to do something there.

The GUI is over my head.

The distribution methods are a can of worms…  I have thoughts, but not
very productive thoughts… Things like "once people can dump these
xmltv files and have them sitting around, they'll find a way to share
them, USENET or Torrents or whatever….  I'm no expert on that, just
asking about ideas, and then to make that GUI…  that's two steps from
what I could do… but I'd use it.

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