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Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Thu Sep 6 02:44:10 UTC 2007

On Wed, Sep 05, 2007 at 07:39:34PM -0700, Robert Current wrote:
> > Once again: one of the primary "selling points" for MythTV is that it
> > can optimize your recording schedule by bumping things to be recorded
> > later, if you have more programs than tuners.
> >
> > It can't do that, if it doesn't have sufficient advance schedule
> > data to chew on. So, no: "everything that can be done now [with
> > traditional long term program schedule data]" could, in point of
> > actual fact, *not* "still be done [if you were scheduling recordings
> > one by one using Titan's web interface]."
> I think you need to go back and read the original comments about how
> using non-Schedule-Direct data will make recurring recordings stop
> working. Look closely at how it was instantly preceded by some that
> Schedules Direct was the only way to make sure your favorite weekly
> shows would ever get recorded, unless you told it to manually every
> week.

Well, in the context of the OP's assertion (using the Titan TV
interface to schedule programs), that also is true: you can't use the
scheduler unless you have at least one full day's data in advance.

> You're setting up the straw-man argument, not me. No one, until now,
> mentioned optimizing recording times for shows that air the same
> episode several times a week, the one thing you're pointing to.

Fine, but I've already countered that argument as well.

> And, that one specific feature, NOT the ability to do recurring
> recording, can be done with ANY listing data, and only depends on the
> amount of future data you have. That data does NOT have to come from
> Schedules Direct for this to work.

Didn't say it did.  Said there was no obvious way to get said data in
blocks without violating someone's TOS.

> So, recurring recording works with ANY data. ANY. Regardless of how
> many days of data you have.


> Your specific case also works with ANY data, and it happens to work
> better with data that goes further out into the future.

No, actually, it really doesn't work at all without more than one day
of data.

> If you read carefully what was said, there are people reading this
> that didn't understand how any of this works. They were intimidated
> and scared and seemed to believe that unless they paid $15 their
> MythTV system wouldn't record their favorite weekly shows. Then
> thanking Schedules Direct for the ability to record lots of shows and
> not have to schedule recordings manually.

Oh, you're makin that up.  Citations, please.

> They were thanking Schedules Direct for a feature that had NOTHING
> to do with Schedules Direct, it was a MythTV feature that works
> with ANY data.

Fine; it doesn't matter where you get the data from.

You happy now?

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