[mythtv-users] tv guide line-up free

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 02:39:34 UTC 2007

> Once again: one of the primary "selling points" for MythTV is that it
> can optimize your recording schedule by bumping things to be recorded
> later, if you have more programs than tuners.
> It can't do that, if it doesn't have sufficient advance schedule data
> to chew on.  So, no: "everything that can be done now
> [with traditional
> long term program schedule data]" could, in point of
> actual fact, *not*
> "still be done [if you were scheduling recordings one by one using
> Titan's web interface]."

I think you need to go back and read the original comments about how
using non-Schedule-Direct data will make recurring recordings stop
working.  Look closely at how it was instantly preceded by some that
Schedules Direct was the only way to make sure your favorite weekly
shows would ever get recorded, unless you told it to manually every

You're setting up the straw-man argument, not me.  No one, until now,
mentioned optimizing recording times for shows that air the same
episode several times a week, the one thing you're pointing to.

And, that one specific feature, NOT the ability to do recurring
recording, can be done with ANY listing data, and only depends on the
amount of future data you have.  That data does NOT have to come from
Schedules Direct for this to work.

So, recurring recording works with ANY data.  ANY.  Regardless of how
many days of data you have.

Your specific case also works with ANY data, and it happens to work
better with data that goes further out into the future.

If you read carefully what was said, there are people reading this
that didn't understand how any of this works.  They were intimidated
and scared and seemed to believe that unless they paid $15 their
MythTV system wouldn't record their favorite weekly shows.  Then
thanking Schedules Direct for the ability to record lots of shows and
not have to schedule recordings manually.

They were thanking Schedules Direct for a feature that had NOTHING to
do with Schedules Direct, it was a MythTV feature that works with ANY

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