[mythtv-users] tv guide line-up free

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 23:54:21 UTC 2007

> Robert Current wrote:
> > To USE the new sources, at THAT point users might want to consider
> > legality of using the data... but we aren't even anywhere near that
> > point or that discussion yet.
> ...but why would we want to spend the energy discussing
> (and even coding) a source that wouldn't be legal to use?
> Admittedly, IAAL, so I
> might place a higher priority on legality than some others,
> but it seems to me that this should be one of the first
> questions, not the last.

Hi Dan,

No one is asking you to do it.  No one is asking you to understand why
others would.  But many MythTV projects involve things that have the
potential to be used illegally.  I'll give you an example, commercial
removal, archive to DVD, file-rename scripts, all have potentially
HUGE illegal markets in file sharing and redistribution…  But despite
the potential to be used illegally, people still programmed a
solution, and some people still use them legally… even if they are
used illegally.

No one expects you to understand why others want to do it.  We just
hope you try to respect that someone might want another solution, an
option, a choice, and be willing to contribute to allowing themselves
an opportunity to choose other data, be it from a DirecTiVo in their
home, a usenet site, a torrent, their un-networked system down the
hall, whatever… that's really none of your or my business.

If you think it might be of use to you, then contribute.  If you
don't, why challenge it?

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