[mythtv-users] tv guide line-up free

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 21:53:03 UTC 2007

> Take that number
> and multiply by $60 (at the current rate) or $20 (at
> the "targeted" rate).  Now divide that by 5 (for the
> 5 board members).  Now, even if we assume that they
> pocket every cent of the money, do you /still/ think
> anyone is getting rich off SD?
> Mike

Impossible to have an intelligent discussion here, huh?  Show me where
I suggested we discuss how rich Schedules Direct board members are?  I
believe my rant was something else… and yes, I'll admit it was a rant…

I am ranting that any conversation about OTHER data sources can't be
made AT ALL because of the level of noise that instantly happens to
turn the conversation to Schedules Direct.  I don't believe I said
they are getting rich.  I don't believe I said it didn't work for
listing data.  I believe I said how and what schedules direct does has
nothing to do with a conversation about how to make OTHER projects get
off the ground.

Look at the first poster in this topic, look at his question, and look
at his follow up.  He didn't ask anything about Schedules Direct, and
all you seem to do is bring them up over and over and over…  Totally
hijacking the topic, and adding nothing.  And continuing to insist
your providing important information that no one else knows…

No one asked about legality, no one asked if Schedules Direct was
worth the money, no one accused them of getting rich.

They asked if there was other data, in the context of gathering
fundamental information on where the data was, and of what quality…  a
PRELIMIARY step in getting enough info that someone MIGHT want to
start a competing project.  It's all fricking THEORY, IDEAS, CONCEPTS
and no one has even written ONE LINE OF CODE before the whole idea got
attacked because it might challenge or threaten Schedules Direct

I for one like seeing people mention where the scraper projects are
hosted, how to get at examples Yahoo or MSN or TitanTV data, what
could be done with such information.  No one is doing anything illegal
by talking about it.  No one is suggesting you right the code for
them.  No one is even saying THIS is the forum for that discussion, in
fact, I'm sure there are a lot of other people that would be THRILLED
to find a more open forum to discuss ALTERNATE Direct Data sources for
MythTV.  Sadly, I don't know of any such forum.

So, until someone starts a project, or starts another forum, THIS is a
discussion forum about USERS of MythTV.  I don't think this is the
Schedules Direct forum or list, is it?  Don't they have somewhere else
to defend themselves and pat themselves on the back?  Can't we discuss
what TitanTV, Yahoo, or anyone else provides?  For that matter, why
can't we discuss scraper project in the US?  It's a DISCUSSION, not
code, not application, how paranoid are you people?

My honest opinion is there are two very paranoid groups here who can't
keep their mouths shut.  Sometimes they are members of both paranoid
groups.  One, the group that is threatened by any Direct Data for
MythTV in the US that isn't Schedules Direct.  And second, the group
that thinks if someone discusses anything that might have the
potential to maybe somehow break some law in some way, someone is
going to kick in the door and take their TV away.  This is a
DISCUSSION.  What laws are broken figuring out if something is even

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