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Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 19:29:08 UTC 2007

I tried to stay away from this, but the level of lies and misdirection
made my stomach turn.

>> Once you set up the one time recording in TitanTV, it is easy to turn
> >> that into a recurring recording schedule from with MythTV.  You loose
> >> no flexibility what so ever.
> >
> > Well, you certainly wouldn't have an ability to do something like
> > "record whenever a show with this title is on anytime on any channel".
> >  Personally, I use this a lot.  If you don't, fine.  I also don't
> > count on a show to always be on at 8PM on Tuesday's.
> This is practically *all* I do.  I also really love that MythTV can
> automatically rearrange things to maximize the use of my two tuners,
> catching reruns at later times so I can get shows that otherwise
> would conflict.  To me that capability is worth $5/month.  I
> recognize that maybe isn't for everyone.
> It actually surprised me how much I came to depend on this.  When I
> first started using MythTV I thought, "Oh, I'll just use it as a
> glorified VCR, and to pause and rewind live TV."  But then the
> automatic scheduling stuff totally changed how I watch TV.

That's exactly why no one will talk about stuff here.  This FUD.
Using another data source will not prevent MythTV from being able to
schedule certain types of recordings.  It's like they want you to
think MythTV is totally broken without Schedules Direct.  It's not.

That's the kind of misdirection that keeps coming up that drives me
crazy.  MythTV can work just fine without paying $15 and kissing
Schedules Direct backside.  The above stuff has NOTHING to do with
getting data from an alternate source.

> > The ONLY two legitimate reasons to not try an alternative I know of
> > are this: not to do it that I see is if it is clearly illegal, which
> > isn't the case here IMHO (and which hasn't stopped screen scraping
> > anyway).  Or, second, if no one has time or is willing to work on it…
> > The second option seems to be the case…  And I'll agree to that…  But
> > the other excuses seem like FUD to me.
> Or because TitanTV said, "No."

I have a hard time believing this, especially since so many other PVR
groups use it.  That might have more to do with the question and how
it was asked.

I'm sure if someone asked "can we download gobs of data and never use
your website like it was intended" they might have got a "no."  If
they have a documented "no" somewhere (which no one has shown), I'm
betting it was because of how the approached the solution.

Was the question "what would a project have to do to qualify as an
approved PVR?"  What would users need to do to comply to TitanTV's
terms?  I'm almost positive that's not the question that was asked.

It sure wasn't because TitanTV doesn't want to support more PVRs, I'm
sure their hardware partners would like to see this "no we won't
support a PVR using that hardware" answer.  The problem is, no one
will show this answer, because it doesn't exist.

Simple fact is, other PVR groups have multiple solutions now, MythTV
doesn't.  Whenever someone brings something up, MOST of the
conversation is from the Pro-Schedules-Direct people, who should be
the LAST ones to comment.

It seems a bit odd how when people ask for alternatives, the
conversation instantly gets dominated by Pro-Schedules-Direct people
(including people actively involved in the project with there
reputation at stake if someone comes up with a better idea).  And then
those people instantly push the topic to why you should abandon all
hope other then send in your $15 signup fees.

Yea, I take it personally.  I don't even have a personal need for
Direct Data.  The lack of working EIT data myth Schedules Direct is
pushing is just that, a myth, FUD…  And, even though I've got NO
reason to need it, I have an issue with people who try to squash or
misdirect conversations about alternatives.  Someone asked an honest
question, and that question WAS NOT "why is Schedules Direct great."
That question was not "Is Schedules Direct worth $15."  But that is
what the people on the Schedules Direct project want you to talk

Look at other PVR forums, see what they have done…  You quickly find
out Schedules Direct isn't the only game in town.  You see people
having long, detailed conversations about where other data sources
are, how one might use them, and even sample implementations.  And
they don't get constantly interrupted by "Schedules Direct is Better"

But if you try to talk anything but Schedules Direct here, it will
turn into a Schedules Direct conversation instantly, with the
martyrs…. "oh, I spent all my time for nothing"  and "oh, I have
nothing to gain"  and "I don't need to do this" stuff.  Get down off
the cross and use the wood to build a bridge to get over it!
Something is CLEARLY at stake, you CLEARLY have motivation… pride,
recognition, etc…  How many of them would actually do it anonymously?
Don't bullshit us with the "no personal gain" and "it's a non-profit
corporation" stuff.

This conversation ended it's productivity the minute Schedules Direct
came up.  I've been in discussions since the mid-1990's on the
internet, and this is the most censored group (mailing list, forum,
even news-group) I've ever seen.  People intentionally staying silent,
misdirecting, and trying to quiet any conversations on many topics
that would seem 100% relevant.  What's sad is how many people know
that and keep their mouth shut.

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