[mythtv-users] Nvidia 6200 S-Video gives a Black and White picture.

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 08:41:28 UTC 2007

> > 2. Your computer putting out S-Video when your TV expects composite
> > (TV configuration error)
> Don't think my TV is smart enough to be able to configure the port as
> to "what am i expecting here.. hmm.. what flavor is it" ;-) At least
> not that I can find.

Maybe this is more common in Europe.  My (also not smart) TV has a
SCART connector for the AV input.  I have to toggle between S-Video
and Composite using the remote.

> See #3.. unless of course there could be something wrong on the card
> end of the connetion?  Doubtful though.

I've seen the ribs on the computer case betwen the PCI slots foul
connector sockets so the plugs are hard to push all the way in. Pretty
easy to spot that though.

> Thanks for the quick response though..

That's OK - sorry I struck out.

Just looking again at your xorg.conf, the TVStandard parameter should
definitely be an NTSC option, rather than HDM480i; but you say you've
already tried that.

Hopefully someone else can help you out.

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