[mythtv-users] mp4 avc1 (quicktime .mov) playback

Terry Yee monkey.stacker at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 16:49:49 UTC 2007

For those who may not know, there seems to have been improvements in
fedora/mplayer/nvidia drivers, and it seems you no longer need a super set
of hardware to play HD content.  After reinstalling myth to 0.20.2 and FC7
on the following system (to get the schedules direct update):

athlon xp 2500+
1GB ram
nvidia 6200LE (AGP)

I can succesfully play a 3 to 4GB 1080p movie encoded in avc1, and a 3GB
720p movie also encoded in avc1. Previously on my FC4 system with i think
mythtv 0.19, and an older mplayer version, it wouldn't play either of those
videos.  The 1080p movie would show about 2/3rds the screen, play very
slowly, and no audio.  Up until now i was lead to believe i would need at
least an athlon 5500 or an nvidia card with hardware decoders to play any hd
content.  (Of course upgrading to an nvidia card with mpg4 hardware decoders
means going to a motherboard with PCI express, i'm still on AGP with my
mythbox!).  So does this mean i can watch h.264 hd content now? or is the
only reason i can watch hd content on my low end system, because it was
encoded in the avc1/quicktime .mov file format?

Anyways, hurrah for myth and linux!  My new 1080p TV won't go to waste!
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