[mythtv-users] tv guide line-up free

David Segall david at segall.net
Tue Sep 4 15:29:56 UTC 2007

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 09/03/2007 10:41 AM, Chuck Dock wrote:
>> I've been looking at the mailing for about a week now and it would
>> seem like some of you super smart folks out their have come up with a
>> way to get our tv guide line ups for free.
>>  What would be cool is if people reply to this email with either ideas
>> or scripts that have written to fix this problem. It's not that I'm
>> against paying for a service.....ok, that's a lie! I do want it free,
>> there must be a way! 
> For only $15, I'm getting 3 months of my TV listings free:
>   - free of concern about the legality of the automated use of the
> listings service
>   - free of concern about the legality of copying potentially
> copyrighted data into my database (definitely copyrighted when talking
> about SD data)
If the above concerns are warranted and the activities are against a 
Federal or State law why hasn't Google been prosecuted? They have not 
only automated the addition of copyrighted material to their database 
they have also packaged and republished the copyrighted material for 
profit. If the activities are simply subject to civil copyright action 
then what financial loss has my individual web scraper caused the site 
in excess of that caused by their expected visitors?
>   -- free of concern about whether the listings service will change its
> layout and break a cobbled-together web scraper that I'll then have to
> spend my time modifying/updating/whatever to work with the new layout
Shepherd <http://svn.whuffy.com/index.fcgi/wiki> has solved this problem 
for Australians.
> I have enough to worry about in my life, 
I'm sure we all have and spreading unwarranted FUD only adds to it. It 
is the expected behavior of the Recording Industry Association or the 
Business Software Alliance but I don't think you should help them.

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