[mythtv-users] How to disable video scan option?

marc.aronson at comcast.net marc.aronson at comcast.net
Mon Sep 3 15:06:17 UTC 2007

Michael T. Dean wrote:
>It's not guessing.  It's using the flag that's on the frames and put there by whomever encoded the recording.  If you play PVR-x50 recordings, it always works right (because they're encoded correctly). If you play recordings that were encoded by people in the industry who are just trying to figure out all this new-fangled digital TV stuff the FCC is forcing them to broadcast, all bets are off.

Michael, thanks for the quick reply. I have 3 tuners -- one is a Hauppauge PVR-250; the other two are digital tuners (Kworld 115 & HD-5500). My service provider is Comcast. In addition to recording HD with the digital tuners, I am also able to tune in many Standard Definition "ADS" (Analogue Digital Simulcast) channels. In essence, Comcast digitizes the SD analogue transmissions and makes both the analogue and digital versions available. It looks like all of the ADS signals are mis-flagged.This means that for most of my SD recordings I have to go through 8 button presses after I begin playing the video to get the correct outcome. 

While the ideal scenario would be that all of the service providers "get it right", that's unlikely to happen right away. Do you know if there are any plans afoot to make this configurable? It seems like making it configurable in the channel table, like the way video filters can be, would get one to the correct outcome 99% of the time. 


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