[mythtv-users] SD and XMLTV and channel icons

Jay Mallar lists at jaymallar.com
Mon Sep 3 19:19:44 UTC 2007

I've installed SD, and it seems to be working perfectly.  When I read 
through the install doc, it mentioned that if I wanted channel icons, it 
was better to go through XMLTV because SD support for them is lacking.

I couldn't find this in the FAQ, and I know this is a stupid question, 
but I thought I'd double check my assumptions before I screw things up.

To do this, I need to:

* install XMLTV normally as per the docs
* don't change mythbackend to use XMLTV at all - it should still look at 
SD for channel info
* just run the script mkiconmap.pl and import the file into 

Look good?


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