[mythtv-users] Desktop Logout when exiting MythFrontend

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Sep 3 16:51:56 UTC 2007

On 09/03/2007 12:40 PM, Remco Treffkorn wrote:
> On Monday 03 September 2007, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> On 09/03/2007 10:36 AM, David Vasquez wrote:
>>> I just upgraded from FC5 to FC7 and Myth 20.0 to 20.2.
>>> All is back working as it should except that now, when
>>> I exit Mythfrontend, it automatically logs me out of
>>> my KDE desktop.  Before the upgrade, it would exit the
>>> Mythfrontend and then bring me to the KDE desktop.
>>> I tried changing the 'Halt Command' from halt to
>>> nothing but that didn't seem to so anything.  I'm not
>>> sure if it was my Fedora upgrade or Myth upgrade which
>>> did it.
>>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> Change the script you're using to start your X session or whatever
>> (~/.Xsession or ~/.xinitrc or ...) and that's also starting mythfrontend
>> so that it waits on the window manager, not on mythfrontend.  The
>> behavior isn't caused by Myth or by any Myth settings.  It's just that X
>> is being told to run until mythfrontend finishes.
> That's certainly one thing that can cause it, but he said it was fine before 
> the upgrade. Notice that he mentions the KDE desktop.
> Maybe he sees what I am seeing: Mythfrontend crashes the X server on 
> termination. This is with the proprietary nvidia driver from Atrpms.
> Oh, and the xsession is a standard kdm login session. I start the fe after 
> login by clicking on an icon ;-)

Well, I've heard that FC7 is using an unpatched QT 3.3.8, which has a
known bug that causes Myth applications to segfault upon exit.  If KDE
doesn't handle a client's segfault appropriately, then you'll have to
either patch QT or downgrade QT to 3.3.7.

Again, if this is the problem, the behavior isn't caused by Myth or by
any Myth settings.  Instead, it's caused by a bug in QT (that causes the
segfault), and, IMHO, a bug in KDE (that causes KDE to crash when a
client--perhaps only a client started with the auto "startup"

In other words, there is no Myth setting that determines what happens to
X when Myth terminates and there is no code in MythTV to terminate X. 
So, please move along.  There's nothing to see in the Myth settings. 
Try looking at X/X configuration/desktop environment/DE configuration... :)


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