[mythtv-users] Still Sound problems

Paulo Cavalcanti promac at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 01:37:47 UTC 2007


I am still having sound problems in myth live TV.

My onboard card (Intel D875XBX2) uses the snd-hda-intel module.
The problem is that the sound is too low, when watching live TV, even with
recording levels at maximum.
As a consequence, the quality is very, very poor. It is like having an
helicopter in the background.

Then, I got another sound card (a cheap genius 5.1 model), which uses
snd-cmipci module. However, with this
card I get no sound at all in live TV.

I have both cards fully operative with any program I tried, including jack
and I can easily switch between the two of them just changing a line in my
I can watch TV using mplayer or TVtime, with both cards, perfectly.

I also tried the snd-bt87x module, for my capture card, and got no sound
This module also works fine outside myth.

In mythtv-setup I tried /dev/dsp2 (snd-bt87x) and /dev/dsp3 (snd-cmipci),
and in myth-frontend, I tried the two combinations, plus ALSA:default, and
none worked.

Ideally, I would like to use /dev/dsp3 in myth-setup, connect the output of
the capture card
to the input of the new sound card (using a cable), and use the onboard card
with the speakers, and consequently, use /dev/dsp in myth-frontend.

But it seems to me that the oss emulation for capturing complicates

The interesting point is that if I unmute the mic recording channel I can
hear my voice clearly
while watching myth live TV.

I have never had any problem with snd-intel8x0 from the other computers I

Any suggestion?


/Paulo Roma.
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