[mythtv-users] database problem

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Sep 1 17:03:30 UTC 2007

On 09/01/2007 12:12 PM, norman wrote:
> I think I have a problem with the database but I am not sure how to find
> out. I tried looking in Google but I was not able to find out how to
> proceed. 
> I inadvertently managed to put into the folder where my videos are
> stored over 60,000 JPEG files.

Did a transcode to indexed JPEG's?  :)

>  I have removed these from the folder but
> I believe that they are somehow causing considerable problems with the
> part of the database which deals with these videos. Could someone please
> suggest how I might go about confirming the problem and then perhaps I
> will be able to remove it.

You'll want to go into the Video Manager.  If the JPEG's are gone but
were previously in the DB, the Video Manager will prompt you, asking
whether you'd like to remove the entry from the DB.  If so, select "Yes
to all" (or whatever the exact wording is) and it will clean up your DB.


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