[mythtv-users] Mainmenu jump point jumps to livetv

Brian Phillips brian.phillips at gmx.net
Fri Oct 26 00:51:31 UTC 2007

I've installed Mythdora4 and am running Mythtv .20

Using the edit keys in the setup menu, I try and set a jumppoint for
mainmenu.  When I press the chosen key, it displays a blue screen for a
second like it has jumped to the mainmenu, but it immediately loads up
livetv.  I changed the bound key to about three different combinations, all
with the same result, which leads me to believe it's a problem with the jump
point itself.  Could it be because 'Watch TV' is the first option in the
main menu and the jumppoint is automatically choosing that once it gets to
the mainmenu?  I don't know.  If someone could help me out I'd be very

Another curiosity I have is to make my very own jumppoint.  MythWeb says
there's an option to bind a key to a "TV Recordings" menu, which is not
under the utilities/setup -> edit keys menu.  I'd like to map that to a
button on my remote called "Recorded TV", but mythweb doesn't currently
allow me to edit the key bindings, just look at them. (I don't think the
'Save' button actually edits the txt file or SQL database where all those
bindings are stored...)


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