[mythtv-users] HD Capture support from Component

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Nov 30 20:43:49 UTC 2007

James Gutshall Jr wrote:
> I have not seen anything but "cant be done" or "cards dont exist with
> component input", or you have to use a hacked satellite box to use
> firewire output (oops, this will run around $1000).
> However...
> Doing some searching for another project, I came across some Matrox
> capture cards for editing HD content from DV cameras, etc.  The include
> component in, etc and run about $1600.  for someone that might be
> willing to spend the $1000 for the satellite receiver above, and hassle
> with legality, windows software? (i read this somewhere), etc... They
> might be interested in spending a little more to get NATIVE HD out of
> directtv/dish/cable/etc with only a card, and an irblaster to change
> channels.
> with it seemign this easy, I understand the issue is no longer that
> cards dont exist (Matrox RT series created back in 2006).  The issue is
> probably driver related.  Can anyone speculate any additional
> information on this or if there has been an attempt to code for these 2
> cards?
> All these are approximate pricing.  not including shipping, and possibly
> a cable or so.
> $770.00
> http://www2.promax.com/Matrox-RT-X100-Xtreme-Pro-Realtime-Video-Capture-Card?sc=2&category=22454
> <http://www2.promax.com/Matrox-RT-X100-Xtreme-Pro-Realtime-Video-Capture-Card?sc=2&category=22454>
> $1,495.00
> http://www2.promax.com/Matrox-RT-X2-Realtime-Native-HDV-DV-Video-Card?sc=2&category=22456
> <http://www2.promax.com/Matrox-RT-X2-Realtime-Native-HDV-DV-Video-Card?sc=2&category=22456>
> Essentially, have these editing capture cards (these types, anyway) been
> tried for HD?  Is there anyone working on drivers for the x2?  I agree
> it is alot of $$$$, but some people are spending that kind of money
> looking for native HD options.  Also component, unlike HDMI doesnt have
> the hdcp issue, etc. and most devices will output to this format for
> plugging into HDTV's.
> Thoughts anyone...

Interesting. Of course if the card is just a capture card then you would
have to encode the component video in real time, or store a LOT of
information, something even the fastest general purpose computers would
have a hard time doing. It would probably also push the disk I/O of
consumer grade equipment pretty hard.

Obviously it will be possible sooner or later, and somebody has to be
the first to dance, but I question is sub-$1K cards would be usable with
present home PCs.


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