[mythtv-users] HD Capture support from Component

James Gutshall Jr warchildx at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 20:26:03 UTC 2007

I have not seen anything but "cant be done" or "cards dont exist with
component input", or you have to use a hacked satellite box to use firewire
output (oops, this will run around $1000).

Doing some searching for another project, I came across some Matrox capture
cards for editing HD content from DV cameras, etc.  The include component
in, etc and run about $1600.  for someone that might be willing to spend the
$1000 for the satellite receiver above, and hassle with legality, windows
software? (i read this somewhere), etc... They might be interested in
spending a little more to get NATIVE HD out of directtv/dish/cable/etc with
only a card, and an irblaster to change channels.

with it seemign this easy, I understand the issue is no longer that cards
dont exist (Matrox RT series created back in 2006).  The issue is probably
driver related.  Can anyone speculate any additional information on this or
if there has been an attempt to code for these 2 cards?

All these are approximate pricing.  not including shipping, and possibly a
cable or so.



Essentially, have these editing capture cards (these types, anyway) been
tried for HD?  Is there anyone working on drivers for the x2?  I agree it is
alot of $$$$, but some people are spending that kind of money looking for
native HD options.  Also component, unlike HDMI doesnt have the hdcp issue,
etc. and most devices will output to this format for plugging into HDTV's.

Thoughts anyone...

/Me ducks in anticipation of bashing :-O
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