[mythtv-users] empty zero byte asx files from mythweb

Jig desidude2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 28 01:19:49 UTC 2007


I have mythweb configured and running.   There is an icon to stream recording via an asx file.   For some reason, it is not working for me.   When I first tried it directly through the "media" player, it was giving bogus errors.  Upon further inspection, instead of fetching the .asx file to the player, I saved it to the client's hard drive.  Only then did I find that the .asx file is of 0 bytes and not having the contents it needs to fetch the audio+video.

I've tried to monitor the apache logs (access_log + error_log) and nothing is logged when the asx icon is clicked.  Nothing at all.  No activity on the web server, not even a "GET" on the asx.

I've tried to get the URL through wget, and it behaves the same way not generating a valid ASX file.

I'm using the latest SVN as of a few weeks back.  Playing in flash format through the web page is fine.

I'm using a non-standard port and not port 80, but I've made sure that the asx pointer generated get pointed to the non-standard port and not port 80.  (I can see it is correct on the bottom of firefox).

Is anyone else having the same situation?  there was one other post from August in the mailing archive with exactly same behavior, but no one responded to him.  I've contacted him as well, and he said that he hasn't found a resolution and simply resorted to using the flash playback for his purposes.

One thing to notes is that I'm not using mythweb at the root of the web server, but under a subdirectory.   However, I've also trying moving it at the top, and it continued to behave similarly. 

I'm lost at this point, but perl, apache, apache modules (mod_rewrite) everything check out.  The bothersome thing is that it doesn't LOG ANYTHING, so I'm stuck.

I'm really surprised nobody else has brought this up.  It could only be for one of the two reasons:

1. nobody else is using the latest SVN + asx streaming
2. it is so trivial people don't think it's even good enough of a question to respond to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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