[mythtv-users] help wanted about "upgrade database"

Xi Jiarong XiJiarong at sp.edu.sg
Wed Nov 28 01:16:58 UTC 2007

thanks, but I can't use mythtv properlly now.
In fact, if I choose "upgrade", mythtv would quit and can not work anymore.

I think I should do something but not what you said do nothing...

thanks in advance!
Hope to get help....

 > I installed mythtv firstly with the instruction from www.wilsonet.com,   
 > Mythtv worked properlly and well.                                        
 > and then I try to compile it from SVN, but got the problem: "Warning:    
 > MythTV wants to upgrade your database, from 1160 to 1201." when I type:  
 > mythfrontend on terminal.                                                
 > In fact, I tried compiling before, but never got this problem.           
 > I searched from this forum, but found the solution is very complex and   
 > messed up to me...                                                       
 > How to solve this problem? thanks a lot!                                 
 > Thanks advances!                                                         
 >>It's not a problem, it's just a warning that if you continue, it won't   
 >>necessarily be easy (or safe) to roll back to the release version        
 >>because the database schema isn't going to match. All the usual          
 >>disclaimers about making a database back up apply here, then move        
 >>bravely forward! You shouldn't have to "do" anything, other than         
 >>making sure the backend and the frontend match in version.               

                               Best Regards!

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