[mythtv-users] lirc with iMon creates dual keypresses

Jouni jouni76 at fastmail.fm
Tue Nov 27 13:07:17 UTC 2007

On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 16:36:24 +0100, "Ole Wolf"
<wolf-dated-1197041736.613f1f at blazingangles.com> said:
> I've configured my SoundGraph iMon remote control for lirc using the
> irremote 
> tool, and MythTV is accepting the remote commands.
> However, apparently MythTV receives two keypress events. So, when I
> press, 
> e.g., the "Enter" button on the remote, MythTV thinks I've pressed the
> button 
> twice.
> Setting "repeat = 2" (or any number, in fact) in the lircrc file doesn't
> help.
> Here's what I've figured out:
> Each keypress on the remote control causes at least two keypress events
> to be 
> sent; one event when the remote control key is depressed, a number of 
> periodic events while it is held down, and one event when the key is 
> released.
> The repeat count reported by irw is zero for the first and last event, 
> indicating that they are not repeat events (which makes sense, since the 
> first event is a key down event, and the second event is a key up event).
> I assume that because lircd basically sends two events, the repeat count
> isn't 
> increased, and consequently MythTV cannot take advantage of the "repeat =
> 2" 
> statement in the lircrc file.
> The question is then:
> How can I make MythTV realize that the first event is a key down event,
> and 
> that the second event should be ignored?
> Thanks for your help!

I had similar issue with the TT-1500-T's remote. Do you have KDE or
Gnome running with MythTV? After I switched KDE to Openbox, the double
keypress issue disappeared. Don't know where the issue exactly was.

For first aid, you could use 'bounce keys' -feature (available in KDE,
also in Gnome i think). This filters out repeated keypresses, but slows
the control a bit. 

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