[mythtv-users] lirc with iMon creates dual keypresses

Ole Wolf wolf-dated-1197041736.613f1f at blazingangles.com
Fri Nov 23 15:36:24 UTC 2007

I've configured my SoundGraph iMon remote control for lirc using the irremote 
tool, and MythTV is accepting the remote commands.

However, apparently MythTV receives two keypress events. So, when I press, 
e.g., the "Enter" button on the remote, MythTV thinks I've pressed the button 

Setting "repeat = 2" (or any number, in fact) in the lircrc file doesn't help.

Here's what I've figured out:

Each keypress on the remote control causes at least two keypress events to be 
sent; one event when the remote control key is depressed, a number of 
periodic events while it is held down, and one event when the key is 

The repeat count reported by irw is zero for the first and last event, 
indicating that they are not repeat events (which makes sense, since the 
first event is a key down event, and the second event is a key up event).

I assume that because lircd basically sends two events, the repeat count isn't 
increased, and consequently MythTV cannot take advantage of the "repeat = 2" 
statement in the lircrc file.

The question is then:

How can I make MythTV realize that the first event is a key down event, and 
that the second event should be ignored?

Thanks for your help!
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