[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase is screwing up my channels (UK)

Mike McKay mike.mckay at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Nov 25 15:41:40 UTC 2007

I receive DVB-T ("Freeview") in the UK using mythTV 0.20.2 running on
Ubuntu 7.04.  I have used various versions of mythTV for about 18 months
and normally receive program data from the Radio Times site using
mythfilldatabase which, in turn, uses tv_grab_uk_rt.

I recently added a Hauppauge Nova-T 500 to my existing Hauppauge Nova-T
to give me a total of three tuners and, at the same time, had my antenna
re-oriented to a different transmitter.

To "retune" my channels I used mythTV_setup, deleted all channels and
transports, entered the transport details for the new transmitter and
then did a "full scan of existing transports".  (I did it this way after
multiple problems with the simpler, more automated "full scan".)  

I then ran mythfilldatabase which did not give the desired results: it
added a completely new set of channels which could not be tuned/received.

Looking at the database channel table, those channels which were derived
from the transport scan had the following entries in their columns:
    channum:  correct numerical value
    callsign: name as below, truncated (not, I think, the callsign)
    name:     text name
    sourceid: 1

Those channels derived from mythfilldatabase had the following entries:
    channum:  2nd <displayname> in xmltv entry from ~/.xmltv/channels-list
    callsign: five-digit caps+numeric value (I think this is the callsign)
    name:     1st <displayname> in xmltv entry from ~/.xmltv/channels-list
    sourceid: 1

My initial conclusions are:
1.  The mythfilldatabase channels cannot be tuned because they have an
alphanumeric value in the channum column.
2.  The callsign column for the mythfilldatabase channels is a credible
callsign but that from the transport scan channels is not.
3.  From what I see in the channel table I cannot see how mythTV can
perform an unambiguous correlation between those channels derived from
the transport scan and already in the table, and the channel information
it receives from the Radio Times web site.

I've now spent considerable time on this but am completely stuck.  As a
work-around I'm now using the EIT programme data but it's not as good as
the Radio Times.

Can anyone shed any light on this ?  Even if you don't know what's
causing the screw-up, it would be useful to know what the channel table
is supposed to contain when everything is working correctly and I am
very interested to know how mythfilldatabase is supposed to work out
what pre-existing channel corresponds to channel program data obtained
from the RT website.



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