[mythtv-users] Additional Storage

Paul Broadwith paul.broadwith at blueivy.co.uk
Sat Nov 24 19:16:50 UTC 2007

> Any RAID 1 is better than none; I'm in the "hardware's better" camp,
> and everyone's reasons, on both sides, are in last months archives, so
> I won't rehash mine here, and hopefully everyone will follow suit.

I knew there was a discussion on this previously. I am also firmly in
the hardware camp is best, however hardware RAID is mainly proprietary
and if the card goes, unless I have another I have lost all my data. I
also want to keep costs to a minimum.

> On the other hand: you're better off having root and (especially) boot
> on a separate drive, and yes, mirroring them occasionally to dedicated
> partitions on one (or more) of your other drives -- you don't want
> to be automatic since saving your ass from administrative screwups is
> one of it's major jobs.

> Do that with a pre-configured script calling dd, backing up to
> partitions that stay unmounted.

> But having your OS and your media on separate spindles will definitely
> be a win.

That looks like it will be the way to go.


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